How This Works

Read Meets Chat makes it easy and fun to participate in a virtual book club event.

You'll begin by visiting our Featured Selections page and choosing a book. Selections are divided by levels, see the Level Reference Chart below.

Decide which event dates work best for you and register for that event, keeping in mind you still need to read the book. Registration for events typically closes 1 day prior to the Virtual Meet and Greet.

Tip:  Because some of us read faster than others, you might want to select an event with a shorter duration, rather than longer if you are a speedy reader.  If you know it will take you a couple weeks to read the book, select an event that stretches over 2 weeks.  There is nothing worse than showing up unprepared, or unable to participate because you were overly ambitious.   


Level Reference Chart

RMC Level Reference Chart

Once you are registered for an event, you will receive an email from Read Meets Chat that includes information regarding the Virtual Meet and Greet, Discussion Board participation, the main Virtual Chat, your Book Chatter's contact information, the rules, and technical information.

Tip:  The Virtual Meet and Greet is a great time for familiarizing yourself with the virtual meeting space.  Your ability to use the virtual meeting space software is extremely important to the success of your experience with Read Meets Chat.  

IMPORTANT:  Because there are so many different reading options available, e-readers, apps, audio, and old fashioned books, Read Meets Chat does NOT provide the book. Purchasing/obtaining the book is your responsibility.

We recommend the following for purchasing books at reasonable prices:

  • Amazon - With Prime you can get free speedy delivery and great prices.
  • Book Depository - Depending on where your book is shipping from it could take anywhere from 5 - 12 days, but Book Depository offers up to 40% off.
  • BookBub - Digital books at deep discounts.  Different deals every day.
  • OverDrive App - Application found in the App Store and Google Play Store. Free digital downloads.

Don't forget your local library and used book stores!  

A few days after the Virtual Meet and Greet, once everyone has had the chance to read a good portion of the book, a private Discussion Board will open with teaser questions related to the characters, plot, and specific passages. This allows the group a chance to express their initial sense for the author's writing, character development, etc., and also, gives everyone the opportunity to make predictions.

The Virtual Chat is the main meeting where everyone will come together for a lively conversation about the book in its entirety.  During the Virtual Chat you'll be given the opportunity to share your feelings and thoughts, and listen to other's interpretations of the book.  Our Book Chatters are prepared to keep the conversation moving with thought provoking questions about the book and information about the author.


Getting started is easy!

Now that you've read all about Read Meets Chat, choose your Featured Selection from the options currently available.