Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Help!  I can't attend the meeting I selected. Can I reschedule?

The short answer is yes, as long as there is another meeting scheduled for that particular event that has remaining availability.  But the long answer is a little more involved... see below.

IMPORTANT:  Our policy is strict because part of our customer satisfaction is derived from your participation.  However, we understand life happens.

If you can not attend the meeting, you must contact your Book Chatter at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled meeting and we will gladly add you to another scheduled meeting for the same Featured Selection, as long as the remaining meeting for the particular Featured Selection has availability. Your Book Chatter's contact information was sent to you in your order confirmation email.

If there is no availability, you may choose another event to participate in. If, for whatever reason, you cannot participate again, your opportunity to participate with that purchase is forfeited.

What's your refund policy?

ALL sales are FINAL.

If Read Meets Chat experiences technical difficulty during your live virtual meeting, the meeting will be rescheduled.

If you cannot attend the rescheduled meeting, a credit will be issued to your account for use at a later date for an event of your choice.

The ONLY exception to this rule - should less than 3 people register for an event, the event will be cancelled and you will be issued a refund of the purchase price of the event or a credit that can be used towards a different event of your choice.

I don't see any of the books I'd like to read.  Can I make a request?

Yes, please do.  Read Meets Chat always want to know what you are interested in.  If we see enough interest in one book, we will DEFINITELY include it in our Featured Selections.  Also, follow us on Facebook and participate in our Featured Selection polls.

What about time zones?

Read Meets Chat operates from the Eastern Standard time zone.  If you will be attending from a different time zone, please be sure to account for the time difference when making your purchase.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable employees are happy to answer your questions.  The best way to reach us is to visit our Contact Us page and submit a request.

If you have questions regarding your Featured Selection Event, please contact your assigned Book Chatter.  The email we sent confirming your purchase contained the name and contact information for your Book Chatter.

What technical requirements will I need to connect to the virtual meetings?

Joining via computer

  • High speed internet connection
  • A camera and microphone

Joining via cell phone/tablet

  • Video conferencing app found in the App Store/Google Play Store.
  • High speed Wifi connection or A LOT OF DATA

Please define the Read Meets Chat terms:

Level 1 and Level 2 - Different levels are assigned to events based on the length of the featured books.

Level 1 Events have Featured Selection books that are under 400 pages, have a Virtual Meet and Greet, 1 Discussion Board, and 1 Reading Wrap Up Virtual Chat associated with them. These events are $15.

Level 2 Events have Featured Selection books that are above 400 pages, have a Virtual Meet and Greet, 2 Discussion Boards, and 2 Virtual Chats associated with them. These events are $20.

Read-A-Thon Events feature multiple books from either a particular author or a series.  These events have a Virtual Meet and Greet, at least 1 Discussion Board and 1 Virtual Chat per book, and are typically scheduled at a pace of 1 book per week.  These events start at $25 and will vary depending on the number of books and the pages per book.

Event - All components related to specific Featured Selections.

Example: Level 1 Event components include a Virtual Meet and Greet, 1 Discussion Board, and 1 Virtual Chat.

Featured Selection - A book that Events are designed around.

Discussion Board - A private page, accessible only by password, where participants can communicate about the featured selection prior to the Virtual Chat.

Virtual Chat - A meeting hosted online via video conferencing where a Book Chatter is present to lead the conversation.

Book Chatter - A conversation facilitator who has read the Featured Selection and is familiar with the author.  Also, your main point of contact for your selected event.

Friendly Community Policy - Read Meets Chat expects that all participants will follow "The Golden Rule."   On discussion boards and in virtual meetings, name calling and/or expletives will not be tolerated.

Are private events available?

Indeed!  We can host private events easily for up to 9 people starting at $135.  If your party has more than 9 people, we can divide them into groups, so everyone can participate in the discussion.

We will design an event for any book you select, or we can make a recommendation based on the interests of the group.

Even though most of the Featured Selections are fiction, Read Meets Chat is happy to set up an event for any book from any genre.

This is a great option for a group of friends that live in different areas and wish to participate in an event together, even if they can't be in the same location physically.   Or even for friends that live closely together, but life doesn't let them be in the same place at the same time.

Please visit our Contact Us page and submit your request. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.