Read Meets Chat - a lively bookish experience!

Are you currently in a book club that is fizzling out?  Are you buying book club books that you never read?  Are you reading books you aren't interested in?  Are the book club meetings scheduled for times that are inconvenient for  you?

Read Meets Chat eliminates all those book club disappointments because you select the book you want to read and meet virtually with others who have selected the same book at times that work with your schedule.


Convenience and selection!

Read Meets Chat is a book club which brings literary lovers together for virtual meetings hosted online with multiple opportunities to participate from the comfort of your own home.

Every month a large assortment of books from multiple genres is curated based on the time of year, best sellers, holidays, upcoming movie releases, and requests we receive from you.  

There is always something for everyone!


Small groups and lively conversation!

Several meetings for each book are scheduled at various times throughout the month to make participation convenient.

Read Meets Chat limits the number of people for each meeting so everyone has an opportunity to thoroughly express their thoughts and opinions about the book.

All meetings are hosted by one of our Book Chatters, who keeps the conversation lively and upbeat with engaging questions and individual viewpoints about each book.


Read Meets Chat makes it simple to get started in 3 easy steps!


Step 1 - Select a book you would like to read from the Featured Selections.

Step 2 - Select an event that is convenient for you.

Step 3 - Register for the event.